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1. About the website
2. Help for creating lists
3. Team

1. About the website
You can use our website to create lists in the following categories: Music, Games, Books, TV shows, Programs, and Internet Services. You can share your lists with friends and see other people's lists!

2. Help for creating lists

Don't forget about the rules of creating a list!

1) You can also import your interests from Facebook, even if you didn't use it to register. To do this, go to Settings -> Links and synchronization and click on login with Facebook.

If you decide to create a list manually:

2) Topic. The topic field is used as the name of your list.

It does not have to be entered, but without a topic the list will not show up in any searches by name and will look like the following

3) Choose a category. This is required. This is just to select what your list is about.

4) Type of list. This affects what it looks like, but not which recommendations it shows up in.

5) Make the list private. If you select this, others will not be able to see this list, it will not show up in searches, your followers won't be notified of it, and you won't be able to share it with others. It also doesn't need to meet the minimum requirement for the amount of content (it can have 3 in common list).

6) Enter the content entry, but don't forget about the rules!
7) Enter the link. Don't forget the rules, including no referral links and no links to websites with illegal or pirated content.

This is all!

Thanks for reading until the end. We hope our service will be useful to you!

3. Team
Nikita Podgorniy - founder, programmer, designer, CEO.
Vadim Eksarevskiy - cofounder, programmer.